Jul 2024

The investment markets continued to make gains in Q2. Four of the five asset classes we follow were higher in Q2. In Q2 the Dow Jones index hit 40,000 for the first time. It’s also noteworthy that the Dow is not heavily weighted by the “magnificent seven” and technology stocks. The media headlines focused on […]

Jun 2024

Over the years, our investment portfolios can become needlessly complicated. But, they need not be – we believe that streamlined portfolios can be highly effective. And, there is little evidence to show that complicated portfolios perform consistently better than a streamlined portfolio. Streamlined portfolios have fewer “moving parts” which also allows investors to: • See […]

May 2024

Sorting and filing important financial documents is challenging to so many investors. Keeping proper documentation is important. Having the right documents helps if you are audited. They also help if you want a loan, need to prove you own an asset or to support you in a lawsuit. Declutter your files to keep only essential […]

Apr 2024

The financial markets continued to make strong gains in Q1 and the financial news remains upbeat most likely due to the continued strong performance. The strong US equity returns were driven by the so-called “Magnificent 7”. But we also know that though these are great profit making businesses, they also represent only a handful out […]

Mar 2024

It’s March and by now most of you are in the midst of the tax filing season.  Gathering the data and collating them for filing is tedious enough, but there is also the attending fear of making a mistake that triggers an IRS audit. We have summarized a few easy to address items that may […]

Feb 2024

Whether you lose money in an investment or whether someone steals it from you – You lost money! Freezing your Credit reports is something you control to help to protect you from Identify theft. Cybersecurity is an important topic because cybercrime can be very harmful financially. At a very fundamental level there are three typical […]

Jan 2024

After the strong financial markets of 2023, the Media will likely talk about how well many of the rich did last year. We believe most serious investors did quite well but more importantly, how so many investors can adopt their approach as well… if they desire to. The financial markets made strong gains in 2023 […]

Oct 2023

The financial markets lost ground in Q3. Three of the five asset classes* we follow were lower in Q3; only commodities and Cash equivalents were up.  But, YTD Equities in the US (SP500) and  Internationally (MSCI World Index) were up double digits. We anticipate that well-diversified portfolios will likely be up for 2023, though of […]

Sep 2023

If you are in your late 50’s or early 60’s – we think it’s important to take Health Care costs into account as you transition into retirement. Many believe that Medicare covers all healthcare expenses. It does not. According to Fidelity, the well-known investment company, a single person age 65 in 2023 may need about […]

Aug 2023

Recessions and Stock Market Recoveries: Aug 2023 is unfolding uneventfully for the financial markets, but since the markets always need something to worry about, Aug’s worry is the Recession (currently imaginary). Here are some thoughts for serious investors to ponder about Recessions and about Stock Market recoveries: 3 facts about market recoveries Fact #1: Recoveries […]

Aug 2023

Dushyant Pandit, Managing Director of DorchesterAdvisors, spoke with New York area Penn Entrepreneurs about the investment questions on their mind. He discussed: his investment philosophy and journey, how to separate current fads from true investment opportunities, ways to reduce making missteps in investing, and why the current investment news and long-term investing may be at […]

Jul 2023

2023 Q2 Market Review The financial markets continued to gain in Q2. Four of the five asset classes* we follow were higher in Q2; only commodities were down.  In Q2 the US markets were the better performers mainly due to a handful of larger tech stocks. A well-diversified portfolio is an effective all-weather strategy for […]

Jun 2023

Estate Planning: Creating a legally binding plan to distribute your assets after your death provides you with the peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out as you desire.  But, to accomplish this, it is crucial that your estate plan meets both Federal and your state’s legal requirements to ensure your final wishes […]

May 2023

Cleaning and De-Cluttering your financial records after taxes is a great idea: We believe uncluttered files enable investors to see more clearly and hopefully make better decisions. But, this clean-up process has become more complex. It encompasses decisions like: Which documents to keep? For how long? In which format (digital or physical)? And where (Safe […]

Apr 2023

The Banking Crisis is the Problem Du Jour. Our view is that we will find a way to navigate it. Meanwhile, it’s easy to lose sight that Q1 was actually a good quarter for markets following in the footsteps of 2022 Q4 also a good quarter.  2023 Q1 Market review. (pdf)

Mar 2023

We think there is a small group of investors who should evaluate if making IRA contributions is still correct for them – Investors who are in the process of transitioning into retirement and who have already accumulated significant IRA assets for example. IRA contributions are valuable – But not for everyone. (pdf)

Feb 2023

Your investments impact so many tax categories: Income tax, capital gains tax, Net investment tax, different tax rates for types of dividends, and even tax free investments. And then, there are different implications for Federal taxes and your state taxes.  Paying attention can Pay off.  Taxes-Investments-Income (pdf)

Jan 2023

2022 was an unwelcome year for most investors but for seasoned investors it was not an unexpected one. History shows that markets go down quite regularly, but not predictably. History also shows that markets recover strongly, but again, not predictably.  In our view savvy investors are willing to put up with this uncertainty because they […]

Dec 2022

2022 is shaping up to be a poor-return year for most financial markets.  That is uncomfortable but not unusual. Rather than fret about it, we took some actions for our clients who participate in executive compensation programs, or are in the transition years to retirement or others who are business owners looking improve the value […]

Nov 2022

You can’t control what the markets will do – but you may be able to take advantage of tax savings opportunities.  Here are some ideas to explore:  YE Investment & Tax ideas

Oct 2022

Financial markets remain in a tough terrain. For example, the US Equities continue their Bearish streak. But there are signs that many of the problems – like supply chains – seem to be getting sorted out. Our belief is that the hard times may linger, but not permanently.  Our thoughts: Deep in the Valley – […]

Sep 2022

For investors, Risk is a four-letter word; but knowing its nuances may help them gain sharper perspectives into their investments and financial plans. More: Eskimos, Snow and Risk 2022 09(pdf)

Aug 2022

Wall Street and Main Street – They are not the same. The Economy and the Stock market may walk hand in hand, but they are not joined at the Hip: Wall Street and Main Street – not the same street (pdf)  

Jul 2022

Bear markets, like the one we are in now, are uncomfortable but they generally pave the way for a brighter future for the financial markets. Our thoughts: 2022’s Bear Market – 2022 Q2 Market Review. (pdf)

Jun 2022

We believe that streamlined investment portfolios are more effective. But the trick lies in heeding Einstein’s thoughts: “Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler”.  Informed simplicity is sophistication at its best.  Streamline your portfolios (pdf)

May 2022

Ideas to De-clutter your financial life. Pruning files (Digital and Paper) especially after the Tax season paper chase is both therapeutic and may also lead to better financial decisions. De-Clutter your financial files. (pdf)

Apr 2022

In a Sherlock Holmes mystery the famous detective observed that he found it curious that the guard dog did not bark in the night when a prized race horse was stolen. We feel the same way when we compare the anxiety of investors in Q1 of 2022 to the lack of their anxiety in 2021.  […]

Mar 2022

Conventional wisdom is good, but not always or for everyone. We think there is a small group of investors who should evaluate if making IRA contributions is still correct for them. Make IRA contributions – But not everyone. (pdf)

Feb 2022

What the Tax season and good investing habits may have in common. The tax man is coming. (pdf)

Jan 2022

2021 was a good year if you were invested properly in financial markets. Our review of what went well and our thinking of how we plan to navigate investing in the coming year.   2021 Q4 Market Review. (pdf)

Dec 2021

Year-end Investment and tax Moves – a dry but often profitable topic. Here is a short list of investment and tax related ideas that may impact your money.  Year-end investment and tax moves (pdf)

Nov 2021

Estate Planning – it’s a fancy word for expressing your wishes once you pass on. And, it’s an important tool for an advisor to have to manage your portfolio better. Estate planning basics (pdf)

Oct 2021

The markets have “behaved” well so far this year – but we think it’s wise to expect a different future. We are. Expecting a different future – 2021 Q3 Review. (pdf)  

Sep 2021

Real Estate, an important but emotionally laced investment Asset class, needs to be evaluated both emotionally and dispassionately. Here are some thoughts if you are considering downsizing your home for retirement. Real Estate – Downsizing your home. (pdf)

Aug 2021

Will President Biden’s proposed tax law mean you will be paying higher taxes on your capital gains? The short answer is probably “No.” (After all it’s still a proposal). But then, its better to be prepared. Some things to think about …  Capital Gains Taxes on Your Investments (pdf)

July 2021

Our clients experienced a favorable quarter 2 … but what might be ahead?   Investment Review 2021 Q2 (pdf)

Jun 2021

The 2018 tax reform reduced most people’s flexibility to take charitable tax deductions. But, 2020 tax rules made a small concession: You could deduct up to $300 of cash donations without having to itemize. And, here are some more ideas to keep your charitable dollars working hard.  Charitable Giving (pdf)

Apr 2021

A year ago around mid-Mar financial markets reached their low points as investors’ thinking was fearful …  Today (end April 2021) financial markets are optimistic … are we really back to “Normal?”   An emerging recovery  (pdf)

Mar 2021

Financial markets and hence portfolio returns are unpredictable.  But two life-events are not: your retirement and taxes.  Luckily, you can improve your odds of more retirement funds and take advantage of tax laws by contributing to your IRA by mid-April.   Making IRA Contributions (pdf)

Feb 2021

On habits, Taxes and other things we control which can help improve your financial well-being. The Tax man cometh – Any silver lining? (pdf)

Jan 2021

2020 was a remarkable year, which most wish to forget. The Financial markets did well, but for the rest of life, the year tested us severely.   2020 a year to forget – Annual Market Review

Dec 2020

Planning trumps Prediction. As we have experienced during 2020, threats like the Pandemic, election uncertainties, supply chain disruptions, the hacking of the US Government etc., make portfolio returns unpredictable.  Not only are these market movements unpredictable, they are things you cannot control. Yet investors spend a lot of time worrying about the market. But, there […]

Oct 2020

U.S. Equity markets are at high levels; it’s economy is not. And, the elections are as uncertain as any has been. Bond yields are at historic lows. And a Covid solution is still distant. In the absence of clarity, we plan to stick with strategies that research says are likely to be effective. Little 20/20 […]

Aug 2020

Dushyant Pandit, Managing Director of DorchesterAdvisors is a panelist along with fellow members of The Penn Club, as well as author Nick Stuller (“The Truth shall set your Wallet Free”), as we discuss investing in a Post- Covid world.  After Covid:  What will be the New Normal for Financial Advice and Investing? (PDF)

Jul 2020

The financial markets behaved predictably at the onset of the Covid Pandemic – but their subsequent behavior is hardly predictable. At mid-year the US stock market showed only a marginal loss, even as the entire world economy is in shambles.  How we are Navigating a Pandemic. (Pdf)

Jul 2020

Dushyant Pandit, Managing Director of DorchesterAdvisors, was a panelist on an Investment Webinar presented by MainStreet Magazine.  He discussed how to manage your portfolio in response to the Covid crisis that has such a deep economic impact. Financial Advice in a Covid World. (pdf)

Jun 2020

Dushyant Pandit, Managing Director of DorchesterAdvisors, was a panelist on an Investment Webinar presented The Wharton Club of New Jersey.  The panel consisted of Professor Christopher Geczy, Adjunct Professor of Finance at the Wharton School and Kevin G. Carter, Managing Director at the Fiduciary Trust International. They discussed the impact the Covid crisis was having […]

Apr 2020

It seems just like yesterday that investors were wondering where market volatility went. After months of very low volatility, it returned with a vengeance. The current market turmoil is driven by four powerful factors as we grope for a light at the end of the tunnel. From Wither the volatility to Weather the volatility. (pdf)

Mar 2020

Instead of letting the market gyrations, the threats of the Coronavirus, the uncertainties of the presidential elections, or the concern for supply chain disruptions weigh you down, we advise our clients to take action on things they control and things that are important to do. In Mar, this is making sure that you fully fund […]

Jan 2020

2019 turned out to be a very good year for the markets, far exceeding most expectations. What does this mean for 2020? Alert but not  (yet) alarmed – Annual Markets Review 2019 (pdf)

Oct 2019

Despite a lot of political drama which raised economic fears, investors seemed unconcerned. The US Stock market had a good Q3 in 2019, but one asset class did even better. How we are prepared to deal with markets in the coming months. Quarterly Market Review 2019 Q3.  (pdf)

Jul 2019

Q2 2019 continued the upward trend of Q1. Investors seem unconcerned with the economic climate in the US and overseas. Are we “Comfortably Numb?”   Comfortably Numb – Q2 2019 Market Review (pdf)

Apr 2019

In sharp contrast to Q4 2018, all our five key asset classes enjoyed positive returns in Q1 2019. That is one Tale, in New York City, whose Wall Street is an investment icon. This is one of the longest Bull markets in US financial history and if history is to be believed, a correction should […]

Mar 2019

The performance of investment portfolios is unpredictable; but your progress towards financial independence need not be. There are several things you control about your financial future even when markets are uncertain. IRA Contributions are one example. IRA Contributions.

Feb 2019

Jeff, Bill and Warren walk into a Club … The Forbes billionaire club. Some observations on how wealth is created. Forbes Billionaires Club

Jan 2019

Despite a poor 2018 for most financial markets, we don’t see any compelling reason to change our overall strategy. Currently, the decline in the market feels very raw and dramatic. But, in time we think that 2018 will be viewed as a poor but hardly a disastrous year. 2018 Annual Markets Review (pdf)

Nov 2018

A lot of the work we do as investment advisors impacts clients’ taxes; especially the type of clients we deal with (People with substantial portfolios near or in retirement).  Here are some things such investors can do to manage their investment related taxes more effectively. Things You Control – Tax Moves

Oct 2018

Q3 was strong – our 5 assets classes had positive returns and US Equities (SP500) hit an all-time high late Sept. But, that was a week ago… Early Oct saw declines in all 5 asset classes, except Cash, and sharp market declines on 10/10/2018 prompts the question: Is this “IT”? Embracing Uncertainty – Q3 2018 […]

Sep 2018

In August, the current bull market in U.S. stocks became the longest one in history – So is it overvalued and ripe for a correction? I attended the Wharton Jacob-Levy Center for Quantitative Research Annual Conference in September and was treated to a Jeremey Siegel – Robert Shiller panel discussion on the health of financial […]

Jul 2018

Political and Economic issues, many viewed as negative, dominated the business news, but seem to have had little impact on the securities markets.  Political Drama, Dissed! (pdf)

Apr 2018

Volatility increased noticeably in Q1. Volatility (often confused with risk) is an inherent part of financial markets. In fact, the uncharacteristically low volatility in the equity markets in 2017 was, to us, unsettling. Equity markets are back to somewhat more normal levels of volatility – that is familiar, though not necessarily pleasant.  Greetings, Volatility – […]

March 2018

The performance of investment portfolios is unpredictable; but your progress towards financial independence need not be. There are several things you control about your financial future even when markets are uncertain. IRA Contributions are one example. IRA Contributions.

Jan 2018

2017 – A year that started with cautious forecasts for US equity market performance ended with a healthy double digit returns on broad indices. Is this a Cinderella’s ball? Market Letter 2017 Q4 – Cinderella’s Ball (pdf)

Nov 2017

Much of the work we do as investment advisors impacts clients’ taxes; especially the type of clients we deal with (People with substantial portfolios near or in retirement).  Here are some things such investors can do to manage their investment related taxes more effectively. Things You Control Tax Moves

Oct 2017

The strong investment performance in Q3, 2017 continues to raise one Question: “Is it time for a correction? Q3 2017 market letter- Are we there yet?

Sep 2017

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway sold its stake in GE by June 2017 according to recent regulatory filings.  So, why is the famous buy-and-hold investor selling?  Sometimes Sound-bites can Bite!

July 2017

Q2 Market Review: Sanguine but not Complacent.  Q2, 2017 was another strong quarter for investments, especially equities. But, despite this gratifying performance we are very mindful that we are in the second longest bull market for stocks and a correction may be more imminent – if only for psychological reasons. Q2 2017 Letter (pdf link)

May 2017

Financial Literacy – It’s important:  At a talk at the NY Penn Club on behalf of their Family Wealth Society, I was pleasantly surprised to get many questions from younger Alumni. Here is a sampling of what’s on their mind:  Financial Literacy (click for pdf)

APR 2017

Q1 Market Review: Informed inactivity is also a strategy. Equity markets have been strong recently, raising concerns if only for psychological reasons, that a correction is imminent. Yet playing hunches is not usually a winning strategy. Thus we remain vigilant but guided by fundamentals. Q1 2017 Market Letter (pdf link)

MAR 2017

There are several things you control about your financial future even when markets are uncertain. IRA Contributions are one example. Make IRA Contributions (pdf link)

JAN 2017

Year End Letter: Sweet (20)16, Sweaty 17? 2016 Annual Market Review – All 5 asset classes were up for 2016, the long bull market continued and realistic people should expect a correction – but no one knows when, by how much, and for how long. 2016 YE Letter (pdf link)

NOV 2016

Tax planning via your investment portfolio is another example of an important financial activity that is in your control. Year-end Tax-Moves to be aware of. (Pdf Link).

OCT 2016

In Q3, 2016, the non-US equity markets were the stars of the investment landscape and Reality continued to frustrate the financial (and political) forecasters. Read why we believe this is business usual.. Q3 2016 Letter

JUL 2016

Q2 Market Review: In the world of equities, the second quarter of the year was anything but dull. April saw the large-cap S&P 500 and Dow make marginal gains, with the small-cap Russell 2000 and the Global Dow leading the way for the month. Q2 2016 Letter

APR 2016

Q1 Market Review: Hey! You just lived through a Correction. We saw a Correction in the S&P500 Index – a popular proxy for US equity markets. A correction is when the SP500 falls more than 10%. In Q1 it fell a little over 10%, and then recovered. So before reading on… How did you feel […]

MAR 2016

Financial markets can be uncertain (e.g. Q1 2016) but two certainties still remain – your retirement and taxes. Luckily, you can benefit from both if you act now. Make IRA Contributions

FEB 2016

Phased investment tax reporting: Complexity, not ineptness. Investors seem to be getting their investment tax forms (1099) later than they did in the past. What gives? Read Here.

JAN 2016

Year End Letter: “Meh” is how the New York Times described 2015 as far as investments go. Three asset classes: Cash, US fixed income and the broad US stock market all had total returns of less than 1%. Commodities were down about 33%. The best of this sorry lot were US REITs with a 2.5% […]

NOV 2015

What is your investment advisor doing in “tax-land”? Tax planning via your investments is another example of an important financial activity that is in your control. Tax-Moves: How your Investment Advisor can help you (and your CPA) with your taxes.

OCT 2015

Q3 Market Review – Fear: Heed it; don’t Feed it! The correction that happened in Q3 was expected (though few knew exactly when), but that did not make it feel any better. When markets correct and the Media goes into high gear, we all feel fear; even most professional investors. But good professionals train themselves […]

SEP 2015

Individuals’ true wealth depends on how well they nurture four assets: Their Skills, Relationships, Money, and Time. We focus on leveraging these assets differently at the various stages of life and getting the mix right at each stage may be the richer way to live it. True Wealth

AUG 2015

We are advocates of streamlining investment portfolios: it is an important investment activity that investors have control over. Streamlined portfolios help your investment program because they offer a clearer view of your investments, are less cluttered and hence easier to manage and, in our view, help to control costs. Sleeker Portfolios .

JUL 2015

Q2 2015 Market Review – Political Drama, Quiet Markets. Q2 seemed to be more about political and world events and less about investment markets. Yet even in such lackluster markets we believe there are approaches investors can use to work towards their financial well-being. Q2 2015 Letter .

MAY 2015

Research by Wharton and Chicago professors outlines why it’s hard for traditional active managers to beat the Indexers. Evidence points to Index investing as the way to invest, if only because it’s cheaper. But, this debate is not yet over. Scale And Skill .

APR 2015

Q1 2015 Market Review -Steady returns, little fanfare. Q1 was quiet but productive, from an investment perspective. Four of the five asset classes were positive for the quarter. Commodities did poorly and International stocks and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) did the best. Q1 2015 Letter .

MAR 2015

Investors face an array of activities that can determine their future. These range from activities they control (how much they save) to things they simply do not (the future returns on their investments). Effective people spend their efforts on things they control. Things you control – IRA contributions

FEB 2015

Asset location (not Asset ALLOCATION) is a recent theme in investment management. Why it is important. Asset Location

JAN 2015

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” is the sentiment that comes to mind when trying to summarize economic and financial markets of 2014. But, for longer-term oriented investors with a sensible financial plan we anticipate a reasonable year ahead. 2014 YE Letter

OCT 2014

Q3 2014 Investment letter. After hitting an all-time high in early Q3, after The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) crossed the 17,000 level for the first time in history, this index ended Q3 at about 17040. Read more: Q3 2014 Letter Letter

OCT 2014

Smoothing The Transition To Retirement – Dushyant Pandit Interviewed by Wall Street Journal’s Wealth management in WSJ.com, October 1, 2014.

SEP 2014

National Financial Advisor Week – Dushyant Pandit spoke at the NFAW conference on Investing and Planning in Times Square, New York. This conference was focused on increasing financial literacy. His talk was titled: Talking Money With Honey – NFAW 17 Sept 2015.

JUL 2014

Q2 2014 Investment letter. Our current investment strategy (asset allocation) continues to favor equities, remain cautious towards bonds, and maintain a neutral-level exposure to real estate and commodities. Q2 2014 Letter

APR 2014

Q1 2014 Investment letter. We recognize the new high levels in the U.S. Equity markets and fully expect that we might see a correction. But, even at these levels, we do not consider U.S. Equity markets to be overpriced. Q1 2014 Letter

JAN 2014

2013 Year in Review. We hope the markets will provide enough return for investors to make meaningful progress towards their financial goals, without taking undue risk. Investors expecting immediate income from their portfolios to fund current income needs will continue to be stressed for yield. But for longer-term oriented investors with a sensible financial plan […]

DEC 2013

Nov 2013 investment letter. A checklist of some tax topics for year-end investment planning that may be relevant to affluent Individuals and families. 2013 Nov Letter

OCT 2013

Q3 2013 Investment letter. In the upcoming quarter we will review our clients’ portfolios for capital gains and losses. This allows us to make tax aware changes to portfolios and to re-balance them if necessary. Q3 2013 Letter

SEP 2013

Aug 2013 investment letter. I am a big advocate of privacy. But when it comes to our financial matters there is a downside to it that can cost a lot. 2013 Aug Letter

JUL 2013

Q2 2013 Investment letter. Despite the recent strong stock market performance we plan to hold a high percentage of equities in portfolios, as we believe that equity markets are still fairly valued. We also continue to advocate a high level of non U.S. diversification because the U.S. represents less than half of global investing opportunities. […]

MAY 2013

Apr 2013 investment letter. Looking ahead, I allow myself some reassurance that “Things will be alright”. But I am reminded of a quote: “Things will be alright”, does not mean, that “Things will stay the same”. 2013 Apr Letter 

APR 2013

Q1 2013 Investment letter. Our current outlook for stocks is cautious, especially given the sharp run-up in their prices, and we have taken some profits. We still find emerging-markets stocks attractive over our five-year time horizon and are tilted towards foreign emerging markets and developed markets stocks, despite their recent underperformance. We also believe that […]

Feb 2013

Do you need a quick reference to key financial numbers like current tax rates or current mileage reimbursement rates? Key Financial numbers (Click on the link) or read pdf 2013 Key Financial numbers. (Click on the title to read a pdf).

JAN 2013

2012 Year in Review. Given continued risks and modest return expectations for most asset classes, our portfolios are positioned conservatively but not excessively cautiously. We also hold some opportunistic assets that may perform well and continue to look for more opportunities. But, this strategy requires patience; fortunately, 2012 was an example of it working. 2012 […]

Jan 2013

Very occasionally a thinker comes along with an insight that forces you to re-evaluate how you look at the world and try to make sense of it. Some years ago, it was Dr. Kahneman who challenged (my) status quo. More recently, it has been Nassim Nicholas Taleb. His book, Antifragile, is a provocative, if dense […]

Dec 2012

Many view retirement as an event where their life changes overnight and grants them unlimited time to do as they please and to work on their bucket list. Here is a perspective that retirement is a continuation of your life and there is more to it than a bucket list; and it all starts even […]

Oct 2012

The case for the stock market – the academics’ perspective. In or Out? (Click on the title to read a pdf)

Aug 2012

An interesting article on retiring abroad – will it be a financial necessity or the fulfillment of an adventurous dream for you? Retiring abroad (Click on the title to read a pdf)

July 2012

Here are some books I have read, am currently reading and others I hope to read, based on reading list from Wharton. Summer reading (Click on the title to read a pdf)

May 2012

Investors are incessantly trying to figure out what makes stock prices rise or fall. New research at Wharton sheds light on the impact of Investor Sentiment on Stock Prices. Investor Sentiment and Stock Prices – Explaining the Ups and Downs (Click on the title to read a pdf)

Apr 2012

Do you need a quick reference to key financial numbers like current tax rates or current mileage reimbursement rates? Key Financial numbers (Click on the title for current years numbers)

Sept 2011

Some thoughts on the Indian investment markets from a recent trip, but lessons may hold for many investment situations. While There Is Life (Energy) The Pendulum Will Swing. (Click on the title to read a pdf).

Aug 2011

When dealing with a volatile market, sometimes the most difficult challenge is to manage your emotions. If you decide you need to re-examine your game plan, it should be done with as much care as you put into developing that plan in the first place. Thoughts about managing your emotions in volatile markets: Market Volatility […]

May 2011

Though the Indian Stock Markets are down about 10% (as of May end 2011), the economic fundamentals are still intact. The CEO of HDFC, a well regarded Indian Bank, discusses the future of the Indian economy. Read his views in: A New India in the Offing in Three Months. (Click on the title to read […]

Apr 2011

Problems come in three flavors: Known (e.g. my car has a mechanical problem), Knowable (e.g. my car will likely have a mechanical problem if I don’t service it), Unknowable (no example here; its unknowable!). It is the same with Risk in investments. Author Nassim Taleb describes risk in these terms in the attached interview: Nassim […]

Mar 2011

During a recent trip to India I got an overview of the Indian economy from the perspective of the Harvard educated, India based, CEO of Proctor & Gamble, Mr. Gurcharan Das. To read his perspectives on: India The Wise Elephant (Click on the title to read a pdf).

Feb 2011

Research and Media claim that index funds have consistently beaten a majority of “actively managed” funds. But if this is true, why do a majority of investors still choose active management? Wharton professors offer their perspective in a recent paper titled: On the Size of the Active Management Industry. (Click on the title to read […]

Jan 2011

How do Time and Wealth impact our sense of well-being and happiness? Wharton professors explore interesting new ideas about Time, Wealth and Happiness. While more money may make us happier, other considerations also play into the equation. Click here to read about Wealth and Happiness by clicking on the title.

Dec 2010

Wharton real estate professor Susan M. Wachter talks about the housing market’s slow recovery, the prospect of another sharp dip in prices, the effect of foreclosures on the economy, and what it will take to get the market back on track. Click here to read about What’s Next for the Housing Market. (Click on the […]

Nov 2010

Wharton Professors have written about Indian Management Practices in the Book “The India Way”. BRIC, in which India represents the “I”, is an important investment theme. And now India and the U.S. are continuing to strengthen their political ties as well. Here is a synopsis of President Obama’s visit to India in early November. Click […]

Oct 2010

Where Will Your Investments Grow? Six Wharton Professors, each a specialist in their field, weigh in on the markets’ prospects. Click here to read their views.

Sept 2010

Is there a real difference between a registered investment advisor and a financial advisor? Yes, but you decide: Click here to visit the Focus on Fiduciaries web site.