Our Clients: Corporate executives, Private Practices, and retirees.

Clients rely on us for comprehensive investment management. We develop a long-term investment strategy and then invest their portfolio to try to achieve their objectives. We update the plan annually or when there is a change in their lifestyle. We also do scenario planning to determine the impact of life-events on their investments.

Be at the top of your Game.
Spend time on activities you enjoy.
Invest your portfolio responsibly.

Pick any Two.

Corporate Executives

These clients have demanding careers as well as active hobbies. For them, delegating their investments to a trusted advisor and hence gaining control of time is an important need.

We help them manage their executive compensation programs. These include RSUs, deferred compensation, and stock options. We also help them invest their 401k plans. These are a big part of their wealth.

Since their lives are so dynamic, they often meet to do scenario planning. In these sessions we help them answer such questions as: “What would happen if I spend on an additional vacation or piece of art”? Or “Things are a little uncertain at work, what happens if I get a poor bonus”? Or “My industry is likely to stay soft for a year, should I change my investment plans”?

They credit our services with helping them simplify their finances. This lets them focus on their goals and the big picture. They also credit us with saving time. They value an informed second opinion on demand. They also like not having to keep up with investments and the markets.

“You can be young without money -but you can’t be old without it”
– Tennessee Williams.

Private Practices

These clients have families and the responsibilities that go with it. Like most investors, they are simply too stretched to have adequate time to research investment ideas and make decisions. Many don’t have the financial background or the interest to be self-sufficient when it comes to investing. Others are not interested in tackling their investments on their own.

We help such clients answer questions like – “Things are a little uncertain in the business, what happens if we need to reduce my take-home for a while”? “How can we manage our business and personal taxes more cohesively”? How can we cut our business taxes without under-reporting revenues? This may help increase their business’s re-sale value

They credit our services with: helping them simplify their finances so they can focus on running their business. They also credit us with giving an informed second opinion for their business and personal finances “on demand”. We also help them organize accounts that support their estate planning goals. And we save them time.


“Moving a large portion of your money into Bonds, in retirement is suicide – suicide on an installment plan”
– Nick Murray,
Investment Industry veteran.

Retired Families

These clients have substantial portfolios but no longer have steady incomes. Most of their financial commitments are behind them. But they worry about the impending cost of health care or supporting their adult children. Mainly they worry about outliving their investments. We help such clients to set prudent withdrawal rates from their portfolios.

They also rely on us to help them answer such questions as “Should we be setting aside additional amounts for health care”? Or “What should our gifting strategy be and how will these gifts impact our lifestyle”? Or “Will we be able to stay comfortably retired”?

They credit our services with giving an informed second opinion “on demand”. They credit us with not having to keep up with investments and the markets. They also credit us with building a rapport with an advisor. This gives them time to develop trust with the Advisor in case one of them (especially the “Family’s financial chief) were to be impaired.