Gaining more peace of mind when Life’s only certainty is Change

Dealing with uncertainty

Traditionally, a doctor’s icon was their stethoscope; a Broker’s was a crystal ball.

We think both are a little dated.

We lost our crystal ball, gave up on forecasting and replaced it with evidence-based thinking, the technique of Monte-Carlo simulations and scenario assessments, and the belief that a plan is nothing, but planning is everything.

You see, we can’t predict what tomorrow brings. But together we can imagine the possibilities (both good and bad). And, we have the experience, expertise, and tools to think through what their financial impact might be on your investments.

We’ve developed a checklist of what it takes to be in control of your financial life. We tell you in clear terms where things are under control, and where they need attention. We’ll tell you why. AND, if you agree, we’ll work with you to act on the fixes. (kind of like your annual medical exam).

We believe that an examined life, rational thinking, and a considered game-plan is the better Fear Slayer.

Anything we know, you can Google. But not sound advice.

Information is abundant; we get that. But having the time, interest, tools, and training to do something with it? That’s scarce.

We do one thing – work with individuals on their personal financial matters – and we believe we do it really well.

We spend our workweek researching, digesting, evaluating, and selecting financial ideas that show evidence of effectiveness. Genuine advances are rare, but when we do see them, we incorporate them into our investment process…something we have done for years.

We offer a credentialed (Wharton MBA), experienced (More than 30 years), personal investments expert, adhering to Fiduciary standards, at below industry-median level pricing.

So, when you decide that getting sound advice on your investments is important, let’s talk.

Risk-Return, but also so much more

Reaching your Financial Goals

Good investments are an important leg of your financial plan. The other legs are having a specific plan to accumulate capital and having a clear idea of your time horizon, and knowing your earnings’ quality.

And, financial risk is only one of nine risk dimensions we use.

The investment industry has come a long way since 1950 when Modern Portfolio Theory set the early foundation for thinking rigorously about investments. We pride ourselves in staying on top of our game, cherry picking advances that are effective and ignoring Fads.

So …When we start a relationship with a client, we take our collective thinking far beyond a simplistic search for the best performing product.

If you have had professional success, you know it depends on many factors. Life is more complicated than Paul Getty’s quip on getting rich: “Work Hard, Strike Oil”.

“A bird in hand is a certainty. But a bird in the bush may sing”. Bret Harte.

High quality, Low Overheads.

Cost matters: High quality, Low Overheads.

We charge 1% of assets under management.

We aim to provide competitive investment solutions at or below the industry-median costs. (Hint: We kept high-quality research and products; Gave up on value-subtracting overhead costs).

We believe that our fees & costs are competitive and are also considerably lower than the total fees and costs of the large, branded firms.

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Get to know us: No obligation second opinion

Our piece of mind … for your peace of mind!

Have an investment question? Ask us!

A second opinion on your portfolio. Know more.

Can we improve your 401k choices? Most plans offer multiple choices but little guidance as to which ones are appropriate for your situation. Know more.

Streamline your IRA accounts. Know more.

Use us as a sounding board for your Options / Restricted Stock / Deferred Compensation choices.

An initial meeting is our way of getting to know you and is without charge.