What We Offer: Our Portfolio S.O.S. (Second Opinion Service) is an easy way to get an independent opinion about your current portfolio from a seasoned investment advisor.

Most serious investors come to question the investment plan they’ve been following at some point or another. Perhaps your advisor retired, perhaps they moved, or perhaps their firm changed their approach. Or, you simply want confirmation that you are on the right path.

We can help. We set up a “Let’s get acquainted” meeting and sit with you in an informal setting. We will ask you about what you want your money (portfolio) to achieve for you. Then we will look at your current investments statement with you.

At the end of the Portfolio S.O.S meeting we will tell you what is going well, and why; we will also tell you where things can be improved, and why.

If this makes sense, we look forward to meeting you. Our invitation is free from any cost or obligation.