Investment Advisor serving the New York Metro Area with a simple objective: make your money work harder.

We help clients: accumulate capital, and invest it prudently and cost consciously, so they can focus on living their life the way they aspire to.

We invest portfolios of corporate executives, Professionals in private practice, and retired families, using deep expertise, carefully curated tools, and investment acumen.

We offer an alternative to the high-cost, high-complexity solutions that are so heavily marketed in the industry.


We help clients: accumulate capital, and invest it prudently and cost consciously, so they can focus on living their life the way they aspire to.

Clients rely on us to address such issues as:

  • How much should I be saving for retirement?
  • When can I plan to retire?
  • Is my portfolio structured to minimize my taxes?
  • Is my portfolio properly positioned for today’s markets?
  • How should I react to the current market conditions?
  • Are my 401k investments consistent with the rest of my portfolio?
  • Is my portfolio strategy consistent with my estate plan?
  • How can I transfer my wealth effectively?
  • What should my gifting approach be? Will my portfolio support it?
  • When should I exercise my stock options?

We invest using an evidence–based investment philosophy.

Without data you are just another man with an opinion
– Deming

We strive to manage investments prudently, using the value oriented approach of buying high quality investments when they are available at attractive (inexpensive) prices.

We use both active and indexed portfolio management techniques depending on market conditions. When markets offer opportunities, or as we uncover compelling ideas, active portfolio management is useful. At other times our preferred position is to use market-Cap weighted investments. Other effective principles we use:

  • Diversification – investing your money across all the five asset classes is the better way to protect your portfolio against risks.
  • Value-style oriented investments – though we embrace many investment strategies, we tend to gravitate toward the Value- style school of thought.
  • Evidence Based – avoiding (but never ignoring) investment fashions in favor of well researched strategies is a sensible way to invest.
  • Curated investment Factors and strategies.

We believe that market conditions are important, especially when clients add to or withdraw capital. At these times, we pay attention to market trends based on relative yield spreads between major asset classes and our expectations about their future performance. But normally, we do not attempt to time the market; research suggests it is futile.

With markets becoming increasingly global, we seek opportunities regardless of where they are located.

We use fundamental as well as quantitative approaches to guide us when we buy and sell securities.

We create customized investment portfolios for clients.

Buy and Hold is not the same as Buy and Ignore.
  • Setting the asset allocation (to manage Risk) for the five main asset classes—cash, bonds, equities, commodities, real estate.
  • Selecting strategies that are researched and curated for each asset class in the portfolio. We use a multi-strategy approach because few strategies work well under all conditions. We are, however, biased towards value oriented strategies – those that focus on finding good companies at favorable prices.
  • Choosing attractive securities in each asset class (to strive for returns).

Risk Management – managing the nine risks investors face.

Risk and Volatility are not the same thing and knowing the difference can make or break your wealth.

We believe that most investors are unable to assess, much less quantify, their “risk-profile”. Therefore we focus on understanding an investor’s financial horizon and goals and then determine a minimum return that their portfolio must generate to meet those goals.

We then craft a portfolio which is consistent with the desired minimum return. We take this approach because we believe that mitigating risk is more prudent than reaching for the highest return possible. We assess and manage risks from a variety of perspectives that go far beyond the traditional “risk-return” approach to investments. We do not equate risk to volatility (risk is the possibility of permanent loss of capital while volatility is a measure of uncertainty).

In addition to the “risk-return” approach we also look at other risks like:

  • Capital risk: Limit exposure of any specific individual security to 5% of the portfolio; pick securities with above average balance sheet quality.
  • Liquidity risk: The risk that your investment may not be able to be sold quickly for cash. For example, real-estate cannot be liquidated quickly.
  • Goal-achievement risk: The risk that goals may not be met because the investment strategy is either too conservative or too aggressive.
  • Withdrawal timing and withdrawal rate risk: The risk that withdrawals will be inappropriately timed relative to market cycles.
  • Draw-down risk: The risk that an ad hoc event might require additional withdrawal of capital.
  • Short-Fall risk: The risk of not meeting your income needs.
  • Behavioral risk: Client emotions, especially in times of stress, may over-ride prudent investing approaches. Studies have shown that investor return (return that an investor actually earns) is significantly less than investment return (return earned by the investment strategies used in the portfolio). Much of this discrepancy may be due to behavioral risk.
  • Administrative risk: Insure account related paper work is accurate so that there are no conflicts with wills / estates etc. Also assist clients to insure that all assets and liabilities are properly inventoried, titled and documented.
  • Earnings Potential risk (or your human capital risk): Different professions have different earning patterns. Some careers (Professional athletes for example) have short but very high earning paths; Others like Service professions (Doctors, lawyers etc) have longer earning paths with more steady income.

Who Manages Your Account? It’s important!

It’s your Body but a well-trained Doctor knows how it works, better.

We believe that your comfort and peace of mind with your financial affairs depends largely on your advisor – the person who works directly with you to find and implement solutions that are relevant to you.

Credentials form the foundation of technical expertise. Our lead advisor has an MBA from the Wharton School.

Experience comes from seeing a wide variety of situations relevant to investments. Our lead advisor has more than 30 years of experience in the Investments industry.

Expertise comes from dealing with topics that are relevant to investors just like you. Our lead advisor has been “round the block” several times with high net worth (HNW) and accredited investors addressing their needs.

Fiduciary even the best advisor is lacking if they do not act in your best interest. We operate as fiduciaries and use the fiduciary oath as our guiding principle.

Service we have clear service levels and strive to adhere to them; things like answering your calls within 24 hours (usually faster); discussing your progress towards your goals several times a year; giving honest and clear answers; and admitting to mistakes on the rare occasion we make them.

Trust we believe that the only way to earn your trust is to: be at the top of our game, to have a mutually respectful relation, and to package our service in a cost competitive offering.


Dushyant Pandit

Dushyant Pandit – Managing Director & Founder.

  • More than 30 years of investment industry and consulting experience.
  • Deep experience managing investments for individuals and families.
  • Professional history includes senior roles at Tocqueville Asset Management, Merrill Lynch, KPMG, Gruntal & Co., PNC financial services group, and the Hay Group’s Strategic Management Associates.
  • MBA in finance from the Wharton School & B.S. in Statistics and Economics from Bombay University.
  • Married and lives in the New York area. Interests include golf, music, and travel.

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Our Points of Distinction.

We offer an alternative to the high-cost, high-complexity solutions which are currently heavily marketed in the industry.

We offer a credentialed (Wharton MBA), experienced (More than 30 years), Personal investments expert, adhering to Fiduciary standards, at below industry-median level pricing.

We seek to manage risk, rather than shooting for returns. (A lesson learned over 30 years).

Jargon Free: though well-schooled in Finance and Statistics we prefer everyday English when communicating with clients. We strive for clarity and simplicity in our investment strategy, portfolios, and communications.

As a registered investment advisor we are held to a higher fiduciary standard in our dealings with clients. Learn more about Fiduciaries.

We disclose our fees fully and get no additional fees or commissions from other sources. This enables us to put our client’s interests first and keep conflicts at a minimum.