Recessions and Stock Market Recoveries:

Aug 2023 is unfolding uneventfully for the financial markets, but since the markets always need something to worry about, Aug’s worry is the Recession (currently imaginary). Here are some thoughts for serious investors to ponder about Recessions and about Stock Market recoveries:

3 facts about market recoveries
Fact #1: Recoveries have been much longer and stronger than down-turns
Fact #2: After large declines, markets have recovered relatively quickly
Fact #3: Some of the world’s leading companies were born during market recoveries

3 mistakes investors should avoid
Mistake #1: Trying to time markets
Mistake #2: Assuming today’s negative headlines make it a bad time to invest
Mistake #3: Focusing too much on the short term

3 actions to consider in portfolios
Action #1: Run a portfolio checkup
Action #2: Review your bond portfolio
Action #3: Expand your horizons

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Report Credit: The Capital Group, July 2023.