Whether you lose money in an investment or whether someone steals it from you – You lost money! Freezing your Credit reports is something you control to help to protect you from Identify theft.

Cybersecurity is an important topic because cybercrime can be very harmful financially. At a very fundamental level there are three typical cybercrimes committed quite regularly.
• Privacy Loss
• Identity Theft, and
• Asset (financial and digital) theft.

These days with the rampant use of the internet for all types of activities, privacy loss is the “table-stakes” of modern life. But, Identity theft is also on the rise and there are steps we can take to protect ourselves. For example, by freezing your credit.

When you freeze your credit, the credit bureaus reject attempts by any person to get your credit report. And, without a credit report it is very difficult to impersonate you. Thieves want to impersonate you so they can open accounts for credit cards or loans and use your name and credit history to get money for their benefit.

The process is surprisingly easy and quick. (see pdf)