Mar 2023

  • March 16, 2023

We think there is a small group of investors who should evaluate if making IRA contributions is still correct for them – Investors who are in the process of transitioning into retirement and who have already accumulated significant IRA assets for example. IRA contributions are valuable – But not for everyone. (pdf)


Feb 2023

  • February 16, 2023

Your investments impact so many tax categories: Income tax, capital gains tax, Net investment tax, different tax rates for types of dividends, and even tax free investments. And then, there are different implications for Federal taxes and your state taxes.  Paying attention can Pay off.  Taxes-Investments-Income (pdf)


Jan 2023

  • January 10, 2023

2022 was an unwelcome year for most investors but for seasoned investors it was not an unexpected one. History shows that markets go down quite regularly, but not predictably. History also shows that markets recover strongly, but again, not predictably.  In our view savvy investors are willing to put up with this uncertainty because they […]


Dec 2022

  • December 20, 2022

2022 is shaping up to be a poor-return year for most financial markets.  That is uncomfortable but not unusual. Rather than fret about it, we took some actions for our clients who participate in executive compensation programs, or are in the transition years to retirement or others who are business owners looking improve the value […]


Nov 2022

  • November 16, 2022

You can’t control what the markets will do – but you may be able to take advantage of tax savings opportunities.  Here are some ideas to explore:  YE Investment & Tax ideas


Oct 2022

  • October 26, 2022

Financial markets remain in a tough terrain. For example, the US Equities continue their Bearish streak. But there are signs that many of the problems – like supply chains – seem to be getting sorted out. Our belief is that the hard times may linger, but not permanently.  Our thoughts: Deep in the Valley – […]


Sep 2022

  • September 12, 2022

For investors, Risk is a four-letter word; but knowing its nuances may help them gain sharper perspectives into their investments and financial plans. More: Eskimos, Snow and Risk 2022 09(pdf)


Aug 2022

  • August 13, 2022

Wall Street and Main Street – They are not the same. The Economy and the Stock market may walk hand in hand, but they are not joined at the Hip: Wall Street and Main Street – not the same street (pdf)  


Jul 2022

  • July 13, 2022

Bear markets, like the one we are in now, are uncomfortable but they generally pave the way for a brighter future for the financial markets. Our thoughts: 2022’s Bear Market – 2022 Q2 Market Review. (pdf)


Jun 2022

  • June 14, 2022

We believe that streamlined investment portfolios are more effective. But the trick lies in heeding Einstein’s thoughts: “Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler”.  Informed simplicity is sophistication at its best.  Streamline your portfolios (pdf)